Please tell me swimming is better than walking, as exercises?

Answer I think so, it gives you an all over body workout and gets your heart rate going without the harsh impact on your joints. I would choose swimming over walking if both choices were the same conveni... Read More »

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Please tell me honestly. Am I being an idiot I'm so close to just walking out of my job.?

Well once again its 2 in the morning and I can't sleep, and your post has me in tears all over again. I cannot say that I know how you feel as I have never had a baby but I do know this: Anyone at... Read More »

Is Saltwater Chlorinator Better Than Chlorine for Swimming Pools?

Gait disturbance means any interruption or change in the way you walk; it is usually characterized by abnormal unsteadiness. Many factors can cause gait disturbances in the elderly, including fear ... Read More »

Is Saltwater Clorinator Better Than Chlorine for Swimming Pools?

Situated along the Cuyamaca and Laguna Mountains by the Pacific Ocean is San Diego, a Southern California city renowned for its beaches, world-class zoo and outdoor attractions. Travelers exploring... Read More »

Is saltwater chlorinator better than chlorine for swimming pools?

There are more positive benefits of a saltwater chlorinator than a chlorine one. The saltwater system is easier to maintain, safer for kids and pets and less likely to make skin itchy and irritate ... Read More »