Please tell me I'm not the only one who......?

Answer yo, whatevers within reach, shampoo, body wash, conditioner. ive read it all

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(Woman only please) I can't remember if being raped was a dream or not. Do I tell my mom?

Ask your mom to find out. If the dream seems so real and it reoccurs, chances are that it happened. You should ask for a peace of mind.

Please tell the best laptop in under the range of 45000 from Dell(Only Dell)?

Why Dell? From what I see in India, Asus and Samsung are the best performance for the money.Dell and HP-Compaq have degraded over the past 5 years…With Del... Read More »

How much space does a 32GB iPad 2 on Wi-Fi only take up. I know it will be a little bit under like 30GB. Can anybody please tell me the exact amount. Thanks?

the real price for the I pad is $500. but the screen is about 100-$200

WOMEN ONLY PLEASE!!!! This question will only anger the men?

Yeah, you're right. And to those who said sperm would run out, it wouldn't because we would continue to have male children. Of course the question is what to do with them. Maybe then, since we woul... Read More »