Please suggest a drink so i wont look stupid !?

Answer You could always go with- Martini - gin or vodka and dry white vermouth; you can also order it "Dirty" or "Extra Dirty" - meaning they substitute some of the vermouth with olive juice ; or Appletin... Read More »

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I know its stupid, but I think I put a DVD in upside down in my G4 Powerbook. It wont recognize it. Help!?

Use a straightened PAPER CLIP and insert it in the tiny hole. Push lightly and the drive will begin to open. If your DVD is dirty, it might not READ, so if you see that the DVD was not upside dow... Read More »

I'm new to alcohol what would you suggest I drink?

Washington AppleBloody MaryLong Island Ice TeaAlabama SlammerCrown & Coke (My personal favorite)"Who's To Blame" Margarita- At Margaritaville

What Drink's Do you Suggest at Starbucks.?

My favorite Frappuccinos (no coffee in these):Cinnamon Dolce Blended CremePeppermint Double Chocolate Chip Blended Creme Strawberries and Creme FrappuccinoRaspberry Green Tea FrappuccinoHot Drinks ... Read More »

Why do I become a stupid when I don't drink coffee?

What does drinking coffee have to do with not being gay?