Please stop the Facebook pop-up?

Answer This appears to work:I found a fix for the obnoxious facebook popup. Run Firefox or Chrome with the AdBlock Plus Add-on/extension then click on the down arrow next to the ADP stopsign icon and Pref... Read More »

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I can't stop biting my nails, can you give me some advice on how to stop please?

put really spicy oil on your nails. so then when u bite it, it will burn your tougue and gradually u will not bite them anymore

I tried but it's to hard to stop masterbating off girls and i want to stop!im just 14 please help!?

I extremely recommend reading the book "Every young man's battle." It will do you a world of good and will tell you how to stop and loads of other stuff. The material in that book is amazing, and w... Read More »

Please help me regarding my facebook page. please!?

May be your friend has cheated you he has removed u and himself as admin and created a separate acount for himself and has started to admin the page from there.

Please Yahoo, please stop the pop up advertising, I don't drink beer?

Are the pop ups coming from yahooooo, or some other sites that you have been visiting? hmm....