Please someone answer im scared?

Answer Kelsi dear, you really should go to the doctor. I know you have a fear but I mean I think the real thing to fear here is that you could be seriously hurt. The sooner the better even if it means 3 i... Read More »

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Please answer!!! I'm super scared!!!?

Okay you seem really nervous. So I'll go step by step. First when u get there, the nurse will check ur bp, then ur eyes, hearing, etc. Then she will prick ur finger to check ur iron. Then she might... Read More »


Most likely its the beginning of a cyst ( which are annoying but very harmless) If you are worried, go to the doctor as you can google all day and not come up with the same result as a routine bloo... Read More »

OMG. Im reallly getting scared.Please Answer?

If you have not been eating, this sounds like LOW BLOOD SUGAR. It can kill you. I agree with others....EAT something....Drink some juice as it will get sugar into you system faster and if you do... Read More »

PLEasE HELP ME I"M SCARED!! best answer +10 points?

Okay first of all breath.It's easier to remove a tampon if your relaxed.You will not die or get TSS if you take it out within 4 hours. Take out the tampon how you usually would.It will probably hur... Read More »