Please some one advice good way to loose wait for my daughter who is 13?

Answer It's a good should really try something good to be healthy for long time..try this...100% positive resultsEarly morning in freash air walk 3-4 miles, cycling, jumping rope, streching exc... Read More »

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Can someone help me please,need some good advice !!!!!!!!?

contact her/your doctor, childline, social services, her parents or anyone who has a close and/or professional medical relationship with her who can talk to her and give her the support and advice ... Read More »

Is my daughter ok I need some serious advice.?

Seriously, If your doctor gave you an answer like this after THREE weeks. YOU need a NEW Doctor. Once her health is affected as it is with her losing weight she has some issues. But I would start b... Read More »

Update: My daughter Keeley is born and need some advice too!?

First hun - what an absolutely gorgeous little princess she must be so proud :) And secondly, you shouldn't feel bad because you couldn't breastfeed as long as you wanted - you tried and t... Read More »

I want to buy my daughter a new laptop for Christmas and could really use some advice?

There's a lot I could say to respond to your post, but as a university student myself, I first and foremost want to say this: discuss it with her to find out if her college offers any laptop deals ... Read More »