Please some one advice good way to loose wait for my daughter who is 13?

Answer It's a good should really try something good to be healthy for long time..try this...100% positive resultsEarly morning in freash air walk 3-4 miles, cycling, jumping rope, streching exc... Read More »

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Advice on Loose Toenail irritating toe?

You need to go to a nurse or doctor to get the loosened part of your toe nail secured so that it does not cause any irritation.

Is my daughter ok I need some serious advice.?

Seriously, If your doctor gave you an answer like this after THREE weeks. YOU need a NEW Doctor. Once her health is affected as it is with her losing weight she has some issues. But I would start b... Read More »

Help .. advice about my daughter re the pill?

pregnancy is one about disease????

Need advice on what to do with 10 yr old daughter who got suspended!!?

The consequences don't make her change her behavior - they simply give the message that her behavior is not okay. A day away from school ought to be a real pain. Perhaps you could have her write an... Read More »