Please search "Is Hank Green awesome" in google?

Answer DONE!

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How to search wikipedia instead of Google on Firefox's Awesome Bar.?

Click the icon in the search bar, you get a menu. Select Wikipedia.

What brand of guitar does Hank Green have?

I would have to see a pic of it, then I could tell you.

Why when using google or yahoo search engines do i always get redirected to some crappy adult search engine?

adware / spyware. try running 1 of theseAdaware http://www.lavasoft.comSpybot http://www.spybot.infoAlso make sure you don't have a satic DNS (thats 1 way they do this) Also make sure you have ... Read More »

How can search results for any model product turn up on a Google search and ....?

Yes, Google offers that type of service! Somewhere along the way you must have said OK. Google will store your browsing history for all of the words and websites you search for. Also your searches ... Read More »