Please recommend me..?

Answer Kuih bahulu is one, the others you can prepare a fried mini murtabak or small sandwich...

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Can anyone recommend a better HDD?

I got a deskstar myself, or well a 500GB one. The older ones were known as "deathstar" rather then deskstar as they didnt last that long. however that was many many years ago and today most hard dr... Read More »

What is a big red that you would recommend?

A Chilean Cabernet, just what you're looking for. Also try Australian Shiraz. Check the local LCBO for popular labels.

What Else Would You Recommend?

UPDATE-leave them as is. Avast is pretty much easy to work with and around. All u need to do is install it, and make sure u update it, when a new update comes through. All looks good- except AVG, a... Read More »

Do you recommend this?

Try for reviews, that's what I always use. (: