Please read my question?

Answer Great question!Let me address a couple things going on here.The Army mostly uses a similar product called a HemCon dressing. Its is also a hemostatic device to control clotting.To answer the speci... Read More »

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Hit and Run Question, please read?

Why are people so stupid to leave the scene, even if he is yelling just say "calm down I have insurance it will take care of everything" when you know it's your fault, then they usually do, for me ... Read More »

FunTime Question, please read?

Ryan has learned "Thank You" this week. Its not super clear but its an attempt. He is almost 13 months.Star for you :)

This is not a question, but please read on.......?

aww thats the sweetest thing i ever heard , youl be ok cutey the new cast wont hurt too much, be a brave little girl ( i broke my leg once and didnt have a cast on for a whole 48hours and the cast ... Read More »

Do you have an ipod>>>read question please!?

yeahh i doits that white ipod classicive had it for 2 yearsand its been pretty nifty..why are 1&5 both bad?