Please pray for my wife. She is not feeling well and she's having dizzy spells.?

Answer cayenne tincture will give relief of dizziness and also help heart attacks/strokes see the diabetes here is how and my experience stopping two heart attacks in progress in my momhttp://healingtools... Read More »

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I keep getting dizzy spells and feeling really weak and shaky, had blood test and OK.?

There are many conditions which can cause such symptoms. See a cardiologist.

What are causing me to have "dizzy spells"?

This is the same with me! Are you drinking enough water?

Dizzy spells for years?

Dizziness can be caused by too much junk sugar as in item 88 in

Epilepsy - headache/dizzy spells?

1. Blocked energy + accumulated toxins in brain and spinal cord.2. You may see a neuro physician for II opinion and change of medication. Since, the existing medication is not helpful for dizziness... Read More »