Please pray for my wife. She is not feeling well and she's having dizzy spells.?

Answer cayenne tincture will give relief of dizziness and also help heart attacks/strokes see the diabetes here is how and my experience stopping two heart attacks in progress in my momhttp://healingtools... Read More »

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I keep getting dizzy spells and feeling really weak and shaky, had blood test and OK.?

There are many conditions which can cause such symptoms. See a cardiologist.

Is feeling dizzy the morning after having sex a sign of pregnancy?

%REPLIES%AnswerThe day after is way too early to have symptoms of pregnancy. But if you had sex before this time, yes, feeling dizzy can be a sign of pregnancy. It has nothing to do with having sex... Read More »

Please help, shivering and feeling extremely dizzy :(((((?

Hi yes you can get a doctor if required but stay in bed and only sip water as your mother said it sounds like food poisoning which needs to be just rest getting rid of what caused it by vomit ting ... Read More »

I have random dizzy spells. I used to have them rarely, but they have got a lot worse lately. Please help?

I too experience dizzy spells - not random, but constantly. I had a really hard time finding anyone who could explain what the problem is - went a whole year without any treatment at all. I did h... Read More »