Please let me know how to move any article in wikipedia from private user page to main entry.?

Answer If you have the "Move" tab at the top of that page, use it.Otherwise go to this link and paste the text:…Don't use the honorific "Sri"s in the title to com... Read More »

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Isn't that 'article' on the main yahoo page a little disrespectful?

YAhoo often have stupid or offensive articles...the worst I saw advised women on how to "catch a man"! I dont need to catch one thatnks..mine came without the use of a fishing rod or any other aids.

How to create a Simple English article for a Wikipedia page?

Copy the Wikipedia article that is in the other language.Then, re-write the content in such a way that even someone with a low IQ who has been trained in the English language only by a three-man te... Read More »

Does wikipedia count as an encyclopedia article in the works cited page?

Wikipedia is actually not a trusted source for information. A lot of professors and teachers do not accept it as a resource for papers. The reason is because content on Wikipedia can be modified, a... Read More »

How to Move a Page in Wikipedia?

Have you ever wanted to change the title of a Wikipedia page? Thought "great, this is a wiki, I can rename it" - but then realizing you can not do this just by editing the page? "Oh no, what should... Read More »