Please i'm Scared?

Answer No but stay away from MC Donald's for a well.Just in case

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I'm scared...please help me!?

First I am so sorry that this happened to you and please know that I understand. It happened to me at 18 and I didn’t report it because I felt ashamed that I may have done something to facilitate... Read More »

I'm scared :-( please read?

Hi Nikki sorry to hear about your granny and it is ok to be scared about someone you love getting close to death I can only give you words of comfort and support at this sad time but remember it is... Read More »

I'm scared. please be serious;?

Maybe a bone? Or maybe something in there is out of place.....I would definitely go to the doctor. And ignore any rude comments from other answers =)Talk to your mom, BFF, health teacher even.Any g... Read More »

Help please im scared?

dont be scared ,if u pulled a muscle it should not effect ur lungs. how may Tylenol did u take, and how long did u wait for it to start working it's way. if u took the pill about a hour ago it shou... Read More »