Please help.....Am I at risk...What is wrong with my PC...?

Answer Hi Pandora, (((hugs)))Either your computer network was indeed hacked by an intruder or you have a sly spyware/malware that downloaded itself onto your computer.I need to ask you some additional que... Read More »

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Whats wrong with my ipod Having several problems with it please help!?

It's is a bit confusing to try and follow. If I'm understanding you can charge when using your father's white cable. So connect your ipod to your laptaop with that cable and see what happens.

Please tell me whats wrong with me!:[?

Oh, sweetie! How horrible! It very well could be psychosomatic brought on by your fear of the other girl. And they say the pain can be very real to the victim. But you need togo to another docto... Read More »

Something's wrong with my ink, please help!?

Many printers have a set of functions available fromthe control screen under Printers. One of the functionsis a cleaning option to be used when the ink is notflowing properly. This sounds like that... Read More »

OMG! what is wrong with me! please answer!?