Please help with windows movie maker question I am desperate!?

Answer Why convert the clip? WMV files work wonderfully well in Movie Maker. AVI files, on the other hand, if they are encoded with either the Xvid or the DivX codec, won't work in Movie Maker.

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Windows DVD Maker and Movie Maker HELP ASAP PLEASE?

Yes, you can add photos and videos to Windows DVD Maker. It will burn them to a playable DVD. It will not make a computer file you can upload or email to friends. Read More »

Windows Movie Maker Problem! HELP PLEASE!?

well there is a video effect that changes the videos color. make sure u didnt accidentally add that effect.

Can someone help me with my Windows Movie Maker?

If those are animated GIF images, then they will not "move" within the video movie.GIF files are raster images (bitmaps). The software has to know that there are multiple still images within that ... Read More »

Need help with windows movie maker, 10 points for good answer?

Um I think I know what your talking about.Go to 'save movie file' press OK on everything and make sure the botton that says 'good qulity' is on that and than save and it'll take a while but you hav... Read More »