Please help with a database ERD diagram.?

Answer I answered this the other day. To expand a bit further: 'Manager' is an entity that relates to 'Employee'. The cardinality is 0,1 on the Employee side and 1,1 on the Manager side (an employee relat... Read More »

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Need help with a database ERD diagram?

This site should help:…

Need some help with an ERD database diagram.?

This site should help:…

PLEASE help with an Entity Relation Diagram problem I'm working on. Provided a pic of my progress.?

I don't know how much help I would be since it has been a while since I have done an ERD. I think that the Manager entity is fine without any additional attributes because it has the exact same num... Read More »

How to Draw E R Diagram Using Mysql Database Engine?

IntroductionA data model is a document of organized business data which is used as framework for application development. A data model provides the structure and format of data. A database model de... Read More »