Please help- my mum is in agony?

Answer call 999 and get your mum to a&e

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My friend is in agony?

I would tell the doctor it doesn't help and I would try some ice or maybe heat depending on her i have fibromyaliga and arthritis through out my whole body so even though she doesn't have that I kn... Read More »

My shoulders are in AGONY, please help me!?

I have bursitis in my right shoulder as well as stressed C3-C4 vertebrae. This causes intense stiffness and inflammation around the base of my neck and radiating through the front of my right shoul... Read More »

Uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm can someone please tell me wat is going on before i pass out with agony?

What is the best home remedy for toothache i am in agony?

Clove of garlicorA garlic clove pressed onto the area........yuk I know, but it numbs the nerve!