Please help me with this facebook thing, it's totally frustrating?

Answer Damn socialist Facebook.. Lol. I've never heard of this before, how can Facebook tell somebody what their name is??

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Please help!!! Urgent.... This is sooo frustrating!!!?

Emily's answer above would be what you'd want to try first. If that fails, these steps will fix your problem:This more than likely doesn't have anything to do with hibernation.Easy answer: reinstal... Read More »

Facebook please help me with this girl :(?

Typical girl attributes. Pretending not to be liking it but actually they like it. Just keep the flame alive and she'll be yours. Later she'll be the one begging. Lol. Mr. Know it all :D

Facebook please help me with this girl:(?

There is obviously a reason she hasnt replied. I would personally let it go especially since you two have never met. Ifshe wants to talk to you she will, but if you keep harassing her shes just goi... Read More »

Someone please help me with this private facebook!!!?

you cant view things that are private - there would be no point in making it private if people could see it still