Please help me with the differences we read on low fat milks?

Answer Marlenek is right about the fat content.Vit A is fat soluble- which means your body stores it, unlike vit C which is water soluble and passes, your body can't store it. Vit A doesn't have to come f... Read More »

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Girls Signed in on Skype PLEASE read and help me with this..?

Hi Best suggesion is change your skype password.If you have any unwanted contacts just remove all those contacts.Later everything will be fine.

~PLEASE HELP~ Can I unlock my LG Tracfone to read/work with a SafeLink SIM Card?

Wish I knew I need to do something similar as well so I hope you get a GOOD answer

Please help all computer and printer expertise. Problem with Lexmark. Read on.?

try putting less papers in at the time and make sure their all stacked the same. i found that the HP deskjet F340 is better than my Lexmark. good luck.

I twisted my ankle its swollen a lot please help (please please read) ?

The only way to know if it's broken is going to be an X-Ray done by a doctor.In the meantime, if it's a sprain, for the first 24-48 hours keep ice on it to prevent swelling and take Ibuprofen (an a... Read More »