:) Please help me with my legs :)?

Answer Rickets is due to a deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus or calcium. The bones in your legs become softened and bow just under your normal weight. You should fin... Read More »

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Please help. my husband has been suffering with numbness in his buttocks and legs 4 2years.?

I had suffered from chronic sciatic pain for years. This coming February 4th will be one year that i have been pain free!Please listen with an open mind. I healed myself without even knowing it. In... Read More »

It goes from bad to worse! Both of my legs are now trapped aswell as my arms and head PLEASE PLEASE HELP?

I think you need to stop posting this things it's not funny. You are just ruining it for people who accually need help. And this is obviously not true because you would not be typing and you woul... Read More »

My daughters legs hurt alot please help?

Take her to an Orthopedic Physician for a Second Opinion...they MAY have missed something in the X-rays...If she is in that much pain she needs a Specialist...Another thing with children they grow ... Read More »

PLEASE HELP!! My legs ache so bad... what is going on?

When I was 23, I was as fit as I could be; I hit the gym 5 days a week; Active all the time. I loved it.When I was 25, my legs started to ache. They ached so bad, I couldn't even describe it to my ... Read More »