Please help me, pains in my body after fall?

Answer You could have a concussion and if that's the case DO NOT sleep. Sleeping after hitting your head is really dangerous. Call a friend or family member and ask them to bring you to the hospital to ge... Read More »

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Get Body pains 24/7. Please answer ASAP?

anemia causes pain all over the that could explain your other pain.there are many conditions that cause widespread pain---sometimes it just your lifestyle or a bad mattress..if you don't ... Read More »

Day fall after one day night fall.. What to do soo scared about immidatly?

you did not give us enough information. if you fall down a lot, talk to your doctor. hope you are alright.

Stomach Pains PLEASE HELP!?

You might have gallstones. I had gallstones when I was six and didn't end up discovering that I had them until I was ten years old. I suffered the same pain you have for four years! It sucked. But ... Read More »

Pains in chest help please?

I don't know if you should be worried but I know that if these symptoms continue you will need to go and see a doctor and get some chest X-rays. This is the first thing you do if you are having che... Read More »