Please help me i need this!!!!!!?


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GIRLS: I need you help on this please?

okay she seems like a *****.. i advice you to move on you deserve better

Is this normal! Really need help please?

I can tell you that it depends upon alot of factors such as weight, blood, and even stress. How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Are you very skinny? Have you checked to see if you have a... Read More »

Someone please answer this question, need help!?

Now your Iphone, does it have a microphone for recording Audio? Not the one for voice chats. I do not believe they do, thus you will need to use a Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) to capture your Aud... Read More »

Need to hide this from the dentist. PLEASE HELP!?

Hiya,Well done on weight loss that's amazing! You did so well without any 'help' from making yourself sick so if you can try to stop please do - I am saying this from experience only. I used to mak... Read More »