Please help me get my screen back in the right position?

Answer Press the auto adjust button on the front of the screen. It usually has the word "Auto" under it. If not, you can safely press each button until you find it. Some require that you do it from the m... Read More »

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My task bar has moved to a vertical position on the right how do i move it back to the bottom of the screen?

had the same problem,i think i fixed it with, right click centre of taskbar,uncheck lock taskbar,left click on centre of taskbar,and drag to the bottom of the screen, good luck . codger

My CRT monitor screen is bend in right direction on both side. Help me please.?

My monitor has an OSD button in front on the lower panel. If yours has one press it. Other models have them in the back as nobs or on the front under a flip-up panel.On my screen a small blue scree... Read More »

My tool bar mysteriously moved vertical, to the right side of my screen.. i want it back at the bottom. help!?

Close all windows and return to Desktop. Right click on a clear space in your toolbar, hold it down and drag your toolbar back to where you want it. Simple.

My computer screen pic is HUGE and I dont know how to get it back to normal. Can someone please help?

If your wallpaper "seems" to move around when you move your mouse, it sounds like the "magnifier" is on.To check, click the "Windows logo" key + U.To read more about it, click the link below:http:/... Read More »