Please help me clean up my computer. Which of these programs can I delete?

Answer The Adobe programs: You probably need all of these as you mentioned that you play flash games a lot.The Modem:It's a driver for a 56k dial up modem. You should keep it installed unless you can find... Read More »

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Please help with these computer questions.?

A database is a place to store information and later let you retrieve the information by sorting it by the criteria you are looking for.Too develope one you would need to know how to write code. If... Read More »

Why can't I get licenses numbers for programs to help me clean up my computer?

if you want a license number then you would need to buy the program no one will give you it beacause what your asking is against the law and we will not break the law for you or anyone This has bee... Read More »

My computer keeps having these wierd popups. I've scanned for viruses but nothing. Please help.?

Your machine is infected. Pop-ups are mostly caused by adware, spyware, and other malicious and unwanted software and using pop-up blocker won't help an infected PC. Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpywa... Read More »

Which of these tops would be ok for a young woman or would a bag on 3 page be better please help?

I think the black bag with the flower is the most elegant for a young woman.