Please help me buy a laptop!?

Answer It helps that you know the sceps you want. Definately do as much comparison as you can. And get opinions from valid sources. Many find "Consumer Reports" to be helpful before buying. In the end it... Read More »

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Please please please help me get this off my laptop pleeeeeeease?

Download Ad Aware. It doesn't sound like it's a virus, it's probably just some spyware. Ad Aware is free and will remove all that stuff.

Laptop buying help please please?

Gaming laptops:…Business laptops:http://business-laptop-review.toptenrevi…All is there.

Laptop choosing help please?

_I am in the process of purchasing a computer from Hewlett-Packard. I used the coupon code from this website. Now it's even better than the one I use.…Us... Read More »

Please help me! I crashed my laptop!?

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