Please help me at wikipedia?

Answer I see you made the addition here:…The next edit to the article is a revert of that addition here:…The edit summ... Read More »

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Help for Wikipedia please !!?

The box you're interested in is called an "infobox", and it'll vary based on the subject of your article. (For example, the infobox for a singer is different from that of a place, historical event,... Read More »


What is a topic that YOU are very knowledgeable about? Unless it's Dragon Ball Z or perverted sex acts, Wikipedia is certain to make a mistake about it. I could tell you about a Wikipedia mistake, ... Read More »

Wikipedia Question....please help?

Wikipedia articles arent supposed to refer to the reader in the first person. Also, it must take into account both sides of an argument.This needs more unbiased data presented in a bipartisan forma... Read More »

Wikipedia and jail....please help?

I believe it is a life sentence for stupidity since it is impossible to be arrested for "editing Wikipedia." It is obvious to everyone that you are either very stupid for thinking you were arreste... Read More »