Please help me! Ugghhh 10 points for an answer!!?

Answer Take it back to the place you bought it, see if they can replace it. Otherwise they should be able to send it off for repair.Hope this helps.

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PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER! Any way to make my toenails squared please help easy 10 points?

Fill them into the shape you want, or start getting pedicures. Pedicures are amazing and afordable and they paint them at the end as well. Honestly, one day you'll realize no one notices the flaws ... Read More »

Someone help please i need this answer right now asap!! ! 10 POINTS TO GIVES ME THE BEST ANSWER!?

got to ur email, hit compose, click on add attachment and click browse find your document if you saved it then email it back

Help!! Please answer!!!!!10 points!!!?

some people on yahoo are creeps, they give false advice or links to con an innocent person into ruining their computer.If the link seems ok, like a site thats well known, your fine. one way to mak... Read More »

Please help!!. 10 points best answer :)?

I suggest move to the Gold Coast. It is so wonderful, I love living there! The education system always has jobs as there are schools in almost every suburb. Best of luck!