Please help me! My vista has lines across the screen and everything is big?

Answer Not a problem.What happened is that the software thought it was supposed to put out a resolution that is not supported by your monitor.So all you have to do is probably reset the resolution choice ... Read More »

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Computer Screen my screen is jumping and has lines across it can anyone fix this?

Try using another screen. If the problem still persists your graphics card is probably broken.

What would cause arched lines across the screen of a Sony projection TV?

Arched Lines on a TV This is 1 of 2 problems.1; Convergence(depending on the model of sony, the convergence ic's will have cold solder joints)2: vertical ic issues.If they are different colored lin... Read More »

Please can any one tell me why i get thin lines across ant thing i print off?

Check your ink level on your printer or replace a new printer head. If you have another printer print the same file and you will not see that problem or if you have another picture and print it and... Read More »

My TV has started getting lines across the screen and making a high pitched noise, whats wrong with it?

dry joints or l.o.t. playing up not a diy job