Please help me. Im not sure whats going.on.?

Answer Make sure you keep it clean! use soap and water, then triple-action antibiotic cream. Use a bandage to keep the area covered.

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How to make sure android is on silent PLEASE HELP?

Go on the settings there should be a sound setting where you put everything on silent. Like my phone says volume and then ringtone media and alarm pop up and i just turn then all off

Im starting 8th grade this year and im not sure of what to wear. help please ^-^?

Do NOT go overboard on the first day, dress casually but with a little BAM like a statement jewelery.,This is what I mean:…Something like that? Trust me ... Read More »

My KODAK C513 does not turn on suddenly. I'm sure the batteries should have life still. Someone please help.?

Run through this.....troubleshooting...…No help?...I'd return it...

PLEASE!!! HELP Whats wrong?

Read the answers you have received the last 14 times you asked this question. Yup, I counted. You have asked this question a grand total of 15 times. If you're that concerned, go to the doctor. ... Read More »