Please help me! Acne and make up problem! 10 points!?

Answer get a gentle face wash.not an acne scrub or harsh crap.just a normal face wash.DONT wear face makeup (foundation, brozer, blush etc)

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Acne problem.... Why do I only get acne on my forehead, chin, and around my mouth?

acne is common in what doctors call the t- zone area which includes your forehead, the area in between your eye brows and down to the tip of your nose. As for the chin and mouth area, its probably ... Read More »

How to get rid of acne 10 points.?

Hi,I will be straight forward and very brief,I also had acne, through my experience, this is my suggestions,1. Wash your pillow every 2 weeks or whenever you think it is getting dirty.2. Say goodby... Read More »

Help me i think i have a problem 10 points?

I understand exactly how you feel, don't worry; you are not alone. I'm sorry if I am a little late with this reply, even though there is always tomorrow :).Anyways, I think that you should just be ... Read More »

Acne(easy ten points for best answer)?

I used to have acne bad and i tried Proactive. It worked amazingly.