Please help, ive been having abdominal pains near the navel!?

Answer Don't rule out appendicitis. Not all symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting are always experienced. Pain is typically felt in the naval area and starts off as an uncomfortable ache that continues to... Read More »

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I've been getting abdominal pains, feeling like inflammation Please help!?

Sounds like cramps to me. Hopefully it will go away soon. If it keeps up though i would suggest you go to the Doctor as soon as possible. Hope you feel better.

PLEASE HELP, my mom is having horrible pains in her appendix area?

Why Am I Having Chest Pains What's Causing ThemI'm 18 years old, and have been having chest pains for the?

I'm 34 yr old male healthy, having pains in chest like a dull ache not very painfull but worrying please help?

Go to the Emergency room immediately.. you may be just having indigestion or heartburn, but it is better to be safe than sorry... but could be having a heart attack... my uncle died at 41 from one.... Read More »