Please help!!! ipod question!!!!!!?

Answer No,I don't see any reason that it will ruin it.

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IPod touch question: Please help!?

16 gig is what i haveI have about 700 songs, a few gigs of photos, 20 video pod casts, and 35+ apps - and i've almost filled it up half way.16 gig should be enough for you, with a bit of leftover.Y... Read More »

IPod Touch Question Please Help!! 10 Points?

It all depends on what you will be using it for...If all you want to do is listen to music and watch movies - 8GB for $230 is a RIPOFF!!!If you want to play around with some apps - and don't have a... Read More »

I'm getting an ipod touch and i need an important question answered!! please help! easy 10 points!?

yes, just load all of your songs back onto the computer and then put them on your new ipod touch

HELP!!!!!! I need big help with my iPod PLEASE PLEASE help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

contact the manufacturers or sellers for service.