Please help in maintaining discipline in class.?

Answer My suggestion is that you really put aside the feelings of anxiety towards those children (which is really hard to do- I am also a preschool teacher) first of all. I would also suggest that you be... Read More »

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PLEASE HELP!! PE class problem!!!?

Yeah dont try too much, put on deoderant before going out! And ask to go to the bathroom during p.e. So u can wipe the sweat off nd lik wash ur face nd put on deoderant!

ToString error in my please help?

Delete "Rect Surface Area" and "Rect Peremeter" in String.format().

How do i discipline students who are caught on their cell phone in class?

Remind Student of the RulesIf you have a "no cell phones allowed" rule in your class, you should first remind violating students about the rule. Call the student by name and tell him calmly to put ... Read More »

Classroom Activities for Family & Consumer Class Regarding Guidance & Discipline?

Family and consumer science classes are similar to what was traditionally referred to as home economics. These courses cover such topics as family life, parenting, work life and careers. Lessons in... Read More »