Please help! i have almost nooo boobs!?

Answer the only way for them to actually be bigger would be surgery but u could buy padded or other helping bras dont go with tissues though tried that ...... when they fall out its the most embarssing th... Read More »

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Please help i'm scared my boobs will sag HELP PLEASE?

Don't worry. They will not sag even if you not wear a training bra for 2 weeks.


wait till they grow then if your still not happy wait till your old enough to get implants Loldont stuff b/c when you cant be bothered to stuff them you will look silly as your boobs would have jus... Read More »

Mommies please help, i'm almost in tears tonight :(?

I know this is an odd ball answer but it is what happened in my family.How is her diet? Has it changed?. With children they often have different reactions to feeling bad. When they don't have a sor... Read More »

Almost got the blue screen of death. Help, please.?

I had almost the same problem with my laptop when the exhauster was broken. If you have a laptop and it gets really hot this might be the problem.