Please help, i have a trojan?

Answer you need to delete it by pressing the button on Avast

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Do I have a trojan Please help!!!?

the best way to get rid of one is to format your hard drive back to factory settings, however sometimes they can be removed if you can locate them and be sure to remove all infected files :o)

I think have a virus (trojan)!!! Please help!?

To clean Trojans:Follow below tips..Disable System Restore1. Click Start.2. Right-click the My Computer icon, and then click Properties.3. Click the System Restore tab.4. Check "Turn off System Res... Read More »

Someone please help me! I have a Trojan I need an anti virus!?

There are never any guarantees in malware fighting, but try this:First, boot into Safe Mode With Networking. That sometimes keeps malware from protecting itself. Then, if you have an anti-virus, ... Read More »

I have tried everything, but nothing has worked to get rid of Trojan-backdoor-progdav. Someone please help.?

Some viruses are difficult to remove, Trojans are one of them.When all attempts fail then you have 2 options left that works most of the time.First option is to run the anti-virus program in safe m... Read More »