Please help i can't reactivate my Facebook account?

Answer It is good to hear I am not the only person with this problem. I closed my Facebook account several months ago , and just decided to re-open it and was receiving the same message as you.

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How to reactivate my facebook account Can't access it?

I had the same problem. I got my account back just few minutes ago. Initially the message will come that the email account does not exists. Keep trying 4-5 times. Then you will be asked for a frien... Read More »

If you PERMANENTLY delete your facebook account, can you log back in when you want to and reactivate it?

Yeah you can, I have done it multiple times!

How to reactivate your fb account?

Facebook Is Probably Acting Up Try Again later if the Problem Still Persists Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

Should i reactivate facebook?

Don't feel guilty.If its about the guilt that is making you feel its bad then that guilt should be to the BF who didnt allow you with your rights.Using facebok wont make you bad the way you use it ... Read More »