Please help, how to get video and pictures from my camcorder to computer?

Answer use the wire that you can buy from walmart and connect it to your camcorder then connect it to your computer then a icon will pop up do what it says

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How to save pictures from CD to computer Help please!?

Windows PC:1. Put your CD in the computer. Open "My Computer" (or on Vista, Start Menu -> "Computer"), find your disk drive, right click -> "Explore". 2. If the actual picture files are visible, se... Read More »

How Do You Create Pictures From A Video Recorded On A Camcorder?

The VLC player will allow you to do this. Don't expect too much though - stills taken from video are rarely much good.

How can I download pictures from a camcorder to my computer ?

You need to have a firewire cable for yoour camcorder and a firewire card for your pc. This items are commercially available and cheap. If you this items then you will be able to render your videos... Read More »

How do i download pictures to my computer from a samsung camcorder?

Which Samsung camcorder? Which computer?If it uses miniDV tapes, USB won't work. You need to connect the camcorder's DV port to the firewire port on your computer using a firewire cable. If your co... Read More »