Please help cant decide?

Answer I won't recommend a specific computer, but I suggest you go for a desktop. Games demand a lot of work from the graphics chips, and laptops are not generally suited to the performance needs of games... Read More »

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Apple vs Dell I cant decide! Please Help.....?

i would go with dell - cheaper - you can upgrade features - you can choose a lot of peripherals

Can anyone please help me I cant find where I can watch days of our lives online please help if you can?

I found a site just a few hours ago.I noticed that they have an entire section for video so you might find what you're looking for there.I'm glad I joined. Great spoiler section!

LCD or Plasma. Cant decide can anyone help?

if your going to have a game system hooked up to it the lcd is the better choice due to burn in. Both have thier pros an cons, two things to look for are 1080p and 120hz refesh rate. http://www.cru... Read More »


i just got this phone! the maroon one is great! it has an extra color option thing on the inside. and it is cuter in my opinian =]