Please help all computer and printer expertise. Problem with Lexmark. Read on.?

Answer try putting less papers in at the time and make sure their all stacked the same. i found that the HP deskjet F340 is better than my Lexmark. good luck.

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Lexmark printer problem?

Hi. I have had this problem except for me the yellow would not print, I cleaned the heads and nozzles. What worked fo me was that I took the cartridge out and with a pair of nail scissors/ file ins... Read More »

Lexmark printer problem with laptop?

Really need more info on how you're setup. Do you have a network that you're using with a wired or wireless router, or are you trying to connect from a wireless laptop directly to a wireless printe... Read More »

What is the problem with my lexmark printer its printing properly?

lexmark printers are no good, they dont work...ive had one

My Lexmark printer is telling me there is a problem with my ink cartridges, but there isn't. What can I do?

Try this:Take out the ink cartridges, power the printer Off (remove power if necessary), now take a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with alcohol and clean the electrical contacts on the cartridges a... Read More »