Please help!!! What does poking mean in/on facebook!?

Answer Poke is just an application. It's usually just a little game people play, someone will poke you, you poke them back and it just goes on and on. It's pathetic but kinda fun.P.s. best answer = 10 poi... Read More »

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Facebook poking help?

just say "aww thank you but I disagree" that's what I say if anyone says similar things to me

What's the point of poking on facebook?

It's a way to bother someone in hopes of them looking at your profile and making you their friend.

How can I stop people from poking me in new facebook timeline?

you would have to block them - there is no other way

How to Stop Poking Someone?

Can't stop poking? This article is for you. Realise that poking is very annoying and people aren't saying stop for a joke.