Please help!!! Urgent.... This is sooo frustrating!!!?

Answer Emily's answer above would be what you'd want to try first. If that fails, these steps will fix your problem:This more than likely doesn't have anything to do with hibernation.Easy answer: reinstal... Read More »

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Please help me with this facebook thing, it's totally frustrating?

Damn socialist Facebook.. Lol. I've never heard of this before, how can Facebook tell somebody what their name is??

OH MY GOD this is sooo scary....please help?

I think you are freaking out a little to much. Don't post it and see what happens... I doubt a clown shows up at your bed side. How would they know you didnt repost it and you read it??

URGENT: HELP... please! this just now happend!!?

Sounds like it might be Orthostatic hypotension. DefinitionOrthostatic hypotension is an abnormal decrease in blood pressure when a person stands up. This may lead to fainting.DescriptionWhen a pe... Read More »

What do you think, please help this is urgent.?

migraine. does it seem to feel worse in bright light? And with migraines you will throw up trust me. I fainted once. There are meds for this though. It's probably not that bad. And mine last someti... Read More »