Please help.. Sun Poisoning..?

Answer Are you sure about poisoning? It might be just an severe sunburn, so get a good after sun balsam on it and later a healing cream and this redness should be gone within the next week..

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Can you get ink poisoning if it gets in a cut?

On One Hand: Only If IngestedYou must swallow ink for a severe enough reaction to occur where seeking medical attention is necessary. The inks in pens are not poisonous and must be consumed in mass... Read More »

Is this sun poisoning?

The sun didn't poison it just gave you a bad sunburn

How do you know when food poisoning is getting better?

You should feel better already, but we're not inside your body, so it's all up to you if you think you can handle this or not. If you have seen an doctor you should know already what's going on wit... Read More »

Blood Poisoning?

It's definitely you scratching too much. Take benadryl 25 mg (one tablet) every 4-6 hours to help with the itching. Caladryl or cortisone cream will help too. If the 25mg of benadryl doesn't hel... Read More »