Please help! Screen keeps blinking!?

Answer Check out this link, believe it will solve your issue.…\☺/

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My PC screen keeps blinking black?

Could be a few things.The most obvious would be a loose video cable but you've checked those. I would suggest using a different output from the video card. Most have more than one and yours should ... Read More »

My computer screen keeps flashing ever since i downloaded garrys mod help please?

If you play online alot you probably joined a bad server that downloaded a LUA file that had a virus atatched to it I dont think its your monitor and when you run your games what graphics setting d... Read More »

My Cursor keeps dissapearing from the screen when I type ,can anyone help please?

This is a mouse option. To deactivate it:In Windows XP:1. Click the Start->Control Panel menu item.2. Click Printers and other hardware.3. Click Mouse.4. Click Pointer Options.5. Uncheck Hide poin... Read More »

Help phone keeps blinking!!!?

It could be defective or the battery might be no good.Most of the phone service providers offer some kind of teck support and if it's not that old of a phone it maybe still under warranty. Hope tha... Read More »