Please help! Screen keeps blinking!?

Answer Check out this link, believe it will solve your issue.…\☺/

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My pc screen is blinking, what is the problem behind this?

there can be the following possibilities:1. your pc-monitor cable is loose or faulty, check it2. your monitor power cable is loose or fauly, check it3. the graphics card is acting weird, reconfigur... Read More »

My PC screen keeps blinking black?

Could be a few things.The most obvious would be a loose video cable but you've checked those. I would suggest using a different output from the video card. Most have more than one and yours should ... Read More »

Blinking battery logo on top screen Canon 60D?

It sounds like it could be a battery issue.Rechargeable batteries have a life span.There comes a time where they simply don't recharge anymore.I'll cross fingers for you that all your camera needs ... Read More »

How to Restore Software With Blinking Blue Screen at Startup on Computer?

Most people don't really understand computers, and even those that do don't understand the complex inner workings and calculations that go into making your computer do what it does. So when an erro... Read More »