Please help QUICK?

Answer Dont, you great the way you are.

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Ear help please need quick?

You probably have an ear infection. I'd go to the doctor.

Quick Snack Recipe Please Help!?

I'd go for something on toast, beans on toast, peanut butter/jam on toast... That way you only have to wash up the plate or the bowl you used to heat up the beans in the microwave :)If you wanted t... Read More »

I need help with tumblr please quick!?

you can do a couple of things:1. refresh the page2. log out and log back in3. close all internet windows and open them again4. restart your computer5. do a virus sweep of your computer (like Norton... Read More »

Help please quick! Remove ink from dogtag cover!?

Ballpoint inks, mainly blue, consists of so many, various "ink recipes" that it is impossible to know the various solvents, resins, & oils consisting in just one. Blot stain with clean white terryc... Read More »