Please help... My friend knows my gmail password.?

Answer Next time you check you mail, note the following things1. The time you do this2. The IP address of your machineAfter this, when the next time you login, do this,1. Go to the very bottom of the gma... Read More »

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I forgot my gmail password. Can anyone help me?

You can recover Gmail password using this official Google Account Recovery link… If you've received Gmail messages in your computer, you may also get it b... Read More »

Someone who knows computers please help me!!+?

I feel you should start with cleaning it up. You may have a virus or spyware/adaware. You may not have cleaned out your registry lately. Don't worry you can do it all in no time.A clean computer is... Read More »

I've tried everything but I can't reset my gmail password, and I am need of

Anyone who has/had/or knows someone with leukemia, please help =( !?

Well first i am so sorry! I know what it was like when i found out i had leaukemia. Keep your head high! Dont give up yet! First you said you had more months in Japan. Dont give up yet! Fi... Read More »