Please help... My friend knows my gmail password.?

Answer Next time you check you mail, note the following things1. The time you do this2. The IP address of your machineAfter this, when the next time you login, do this,1. Go to the very bottom of the gma... Read More »

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My friend's son put a password in his 3ds to get into the internet and he forgot the password?…

I forgot my gmail password. Can anyone help me?

You can recover Gmail password using this official Google Account Recovery link… If you've received Gmail messages in your computer, you may also get it b... Read More »

How to See a Password Protected PDF Using Gmail?

You can access a password protected PDF with this neat little Gmail account bypass.

How to Change Your Gmail Password?

It’s a good idea to change passwords routinely to prevent other people hacking into your accounts. To change your Gmail password, simply follow these instructions.