Please help.! Major computer problem.?

Answer Three most likely possibilities that I've had or read about. Hard drive, graphics card, or screen.A black screen with a blinking white cursor is most likely to be the hard drive. If you can remov... Read More »

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Major poop problem! please help, hurry!!!!!!!!?

Dont think theres anything you can do at this point except tell him the truth once he gets back. Sorry man your SOL

Will someone please help me.... major virus problem?

Hello, my name is Dave I think I can help. First get rid of norton. Install "LAVASOFT" to scan your computer. It will tell you the virus and you can take them off yourself. Go to a... Read More »

I have major virus problem on computer any help appreciated.?

Lmao at KingKong!! hehe!!I cannot offer any better advice than is already given so just wanted to say Good Luck!! :-)

Major computer help please?

suggest you run full scan with malwarebytes usually get blue screen because of trojans but you should of performed a system restore the first time this happened Read More »