Please help!!! Macbook is automatically rejecting sims 3 disc?

Answer Sometimes the Mac can't read certain disks. I've had a Mac that wouldn't read a CD but another right next to it would. Sometimes it depends on the Mac. Usually, if you insert the disk a few times i... Read More »

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Why wont my macbook automatically connect to our prefered wireless router?

Well, as your girlfriend changed the username and password of the router it is unable to get a connection between the routes and your macbook.. You have to reconfigure your router.. To do this you ... Read More »

How to Get a Disc Out of a MacBook?

If you are new to Apple's line of Macintosh computers, you'll find the machine differs significantly from its Windows-based counterparts. One of the physical differences you'll find on your MacBook... Read More »

I minimized the sims 3 on my macbook pro and now it wont load it to full screen again?

Have you tried holding down the power button on your Mac?

How do I get the epson printer disc out of my macbook pro?

IF IT IS AN EPSON DISC....restart while holding the click for 45 seconds.IF IT IS ANOTHER TYPE OF DISC...restart while holding the click for 45 seconds.That second part was supposed to be humor.