Please help!!!! I'm worried?

Answer If you start bleeding you should stop.This can mean you're tearing the inside lining of your vagina and that's never good. The increased amount of blood could mean that you haven't given the wall l... Read More »

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Omg! please help! may have a srioues problem! please help really worried!?

You have a concussion. Go to the doctor immediately.

Please help!!! im worried and i need some advice or help!?

I'd say you could still be having those "BC" symptoms, all types of bc have different symptoms and some last longer than others...way longer than others. And another reason why you could be feeling... Read More »

Please help im soo soo worried :(?

Yes that's normal lol. You'll be okay. Nothing Is wrong.

Please help - really worried?

Could be anything like an ear infection to brain tumourOr a sleep d7sorder like narcolepsy,BUt you dont want to beaskingthat here because you just get a list of what it could be, you need a doctor ... Read More »