Please help!!!!!! I'm desperate!!?

Answer Your ear canal is just a tube ending at the ear drum. Lay down with the plugged ear down. Take a nap, listen to music or whatever,DO NOT STICK ANYTHING IN YOUR EAR.It has to drain out.You may not h... Read More »

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Please can you help me I am desperate!?

OK, You can't do it all at once, so prioritise.Stick a load in the machine,, that gets that started. tackle the messiest room next, move on from there in order of the messiest or the rooms you use ... Read More »

7th grade help me please :( :( im desperate?

1. -202.-23.-20(same question as #1)4.-150

My weight please help im desperate?

Wow, how did you get that big at 13, you need to find an activity, go out and exercise and eat healthy. To be honest you will probably hear a lot of people call you fat and all those things, dont ... Read More »

Acne please help i am desperate!!!?

It doesn't mean you are gross, it means your body is out of balance. Specifically, your skin. The remedy is to nourish it, not fight it or hate it. Drink water Eat wholesome foods. Less proces... Read More »