Please help I think i'm addicted......?

Answer Congratulations you have just contracted "Yahoodelers disease"

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I think I'm addicted to sex Please help ! I really need advice !?

Yes, it does sound like you could be addicted to sex. Sounds like you are using sex to numb some type of pain that you are experiencing psychologically. The first step is realizing you have a pro... Read More »

I'm addicted to food! please please help!!!?

I dont think anyone on here can help you the way a therapist would sweetheart :(

I think i might have HIV HELP ME!!!! Please please please open! PLEASEEEE?

First of all, don't panic. It is much more likely to be a simple bacterial infection that will go away with antibiotics. HIV is an immune disease, and from what I understand it doesn't cause the sa... Read More »

Please help please please I don't think I will be able to go to college :(?

your not going to find much with a 2.6, but you can use some scholarships, pull up the GPA, and then qualify for more out there...i dont know your interest or details, so i will post all that i hav... Read More »