Please help, I have Ubuntu and need to go back to xp how can I do this w/o gparted?

Answer Boot from the Windows CD and format your Hard Drive, unless you can't do that but I don't see why you can't.

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Please Help - Need to complete Survey for school. How many trees do you have in your back yard?

ok well.. I live in the woods.. on a 3 acre lot of property.. so i have roughly 150 trees in my yardMy neighbor behind me has about a thousand trees on his lot cuz he owns about 15 acresMy neighbor... Read More »

Need help figuring out how much I will have to pontentially pay back on this loan?

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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server error "Temporary failure resolving" need help please?

When you changed the IP did you also change the gateway address? In order to be connected the IP and gateway have to be within the same range.Add: if it all works inside the LAN but can't get out ... Read More »

Girls you're gonna have a blast with this one! I need as many answer as possible. Please help out?

Make him wear makeup, a bra, thongs, and stiletto heels. And do plenty of oogling and groping in those places where females get it most. And be sure he washes floors, toilet, sink, cook dinner and ... Read More »